Naturopathic consultations are based on individual needs, however below is the general way Clair likes to structure appointments:

Initial consultation runs for up to ninety minutes.  During this time, Clair will take a detailed history, relevant to the reason for your visit.  Any recent blood tests or medical reports are asked to be brought to this first appointment.  If relevant, some basic physical assessments may also be performed.  Depending on your reason for your appointment, Clair may recommend supplements, herbs and/or dietary advise. 

Second consultation occurs after analysing the history and data collected at the first consultation.  Where appropriate, Clair will prepare and explain an individualised treatment plan.  This consultation runs for approximately one hour.

Subsequent consultations will be based on individual needs and run for thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes.

Skype consultations also available.

Consultation Prices

Initial Consultation $125 

Second Consultation $105

Subsequent consultation $105 (60mins)

Subsequent consultation $85 (45mins)

Subsequent consultation $65 (30mins)